Steve was retained by Dr. Nian She to design Urban LID retrofits for a 2.5 hectare (6.5 acres) dense residential area in the city of Zhenjiang. The LID retrofits had to fully treat runoff from the existing impervious areas (building roofs, driveways and parking areas) for 65 mm (2.6”) of rainfall in 24 hours. The LID systems also had to attenuate the peak rate of runoff for a rainfall event of 150 mm (5.9”) rainfall event. A combination of Bioretention systems, and permeable pavers with a filter course and reservoir layer were used to meet these stormwater requirements.

Steve was invited by Professor Nian She of Shenzhen University to make a presentation entitled “Using LID to Attenuate Large Rainfall Events and Reduce Flood Potential” at the 2015 First Sino US Sponge City LID Technology Practice Conference held on May 4-5, 2015 in Zhenjiang, China organized by Zhenjiang Water Supply and Drainage Management Office (view website). In addition to the presentation, field inspections were made of several new LID installations in the city consisting of Bioswales, permeable pavement systems and rainwater harvesting.

Steve was an invited attendee at the 15th Annual Guangzhou Convention of Chinese Scholars in Science and Technology in Guangzhou, China on December 17 – 21, 2012 to present a project narrative on how Low Impact Development and sustainable development can be applied to address water quality issues in urban and rural areas of China to implement sustainability concepts and conservation of resources. He attended with Dr. Jim Su, PE of Golder Associates of Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. While at the convention he met with representatives from Sichuan University, Chang’an University, Guangdong University of Technology, Shenzhen University and the South China Institute of Environmental Sciences, MEP to discuss LID being incorporated into their engineering programs.

Steve also met Dr. Hongbin Cheng of New China Times Technology which is located in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Steve has signed a three year partnership agreement with New China Times Technology to introduce LID concepts to the west cape area of South Africa.